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Oh, How She's Grown by y2jenn Oh, How She's Grown by y2jenn
Just added years 2008, 2011 and 2012. Wish I had pics of her for the missing years. D'oh! Oh well.

Just added 2006 and 2007... which i'm sure will be edited again when I have a better drawing of her for this year. ;p

I was goin through some of my older drawings tonight and thought it would be a hoot to make one of these. Just so you guys can see not only how far i've come along but how the journey has treated Kidd as well.

My oldest drawing of her is from back in '97. Though I can't find the bugger! Bryce and our friend Joe had created a fantasy story about the good guys, the bad guys, the monsters, magic, knights, love and loss. Looking back on the original notes written for our book is hilarious. I only wish I could share the absolute nuttery that these two boys wrote. Kidd was given to me because at the time neither of them could draw women.

She's done a lot of growing up since then.

'98 was a weird year for me. It was the first year that I really started to take my talent seriously. I did a lot of copying out of comic books and video game magazines. In fact I think that first pic is a very BAD re-draw from an X-men comic. :lol:

'99 was my anime year. My biggest influences was Dragonball Z and Joe Mad. Once I got to college that nasty little habit of lying down in a comfortable rut of my 'stolen' style was quickly done away with. I struggled hard with getting rid of my roots but over the next two years I made a lot of changes and was more than happy to do so. My style was finally taking shape.

'02 was when I started posting on dA. I always knew that I owed a lot of my growth to this site and the people who have stuck with me for as long as i've been here... but I hadn't realized just how much until I went through my drawings tonight. While Kidd hasn't changed too much in the last three years, I have. My style has. My skill has. I think that is the neatest thing.

So don't throw away those old drawings, guys. Be disgusted with yourself, yes! But marvel in how much you've grown since then. Have fun with it! And like I said I'll move this to scraps later on. Thanks, guys. :)
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y2jenn Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008   General Artist
I'm afraid not. Turner was absolutely talented but I was never influenced much by his work. 00 and 01 were my Joe Mad years. 02 I was very much influenced by Frank Cho and Adam Hughes. :giggle:
hhryah Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2008
@ '99: one of these things is not like the others... XD

I love how you've grown though. I just found your gallery (incidentally, though the help desk, because my gallery is freaking out right now...), but I like that you've showcased your progression. It's inspirational! My writing has done a similar progression, but I am always working to improve. :)
JoniGodoy Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2007  Professional General Artist
WOW!! "It's Evolution, Baby!!"
Stich83 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2007
Me too love the 2001 version.
But also the last ones are funny and beautiful. ^^
Bubblecat Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
I like the 2001 one......the others are good too...i just think that one stands out just looks....right. Please don't flame me for saying what i just said....
y2jenn Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007   General Artist
I'm not goin to flame you! :lol: It's not my nature to. :) I completely understand. I prefer my less-anime-esque years but 2001-2003 seem to be my most popular. I'm glad you liked it!
Sampdoria Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2007
Great journey into growth. I too agree its important to keep old stuff so that one can gauge at the level one has grown. Cheers!
SolutionNyne Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome. I wish more people would show the progression in their work. That in and of itself is very artistic and cool.
bunnygopoof Featured By Owner May 2, 2007
I like how she gets happier as she goes through the years. :) :D
y2jenn Featured By Owner May 2, 2007   General Artist
:giggle: Me too! I think part of that is due to me learning how to draw proper smiles so late. The more I got to know her the more she smiled. Thank you!
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